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Literary Services for organizations and individuals.

Tutoring services for adults in the workforce and second-language learners.

The KEC Difference

John R. Kruidenier, Ed.D., director, received his doctorate in literacy from Harvard University. His extensive experience in the field of literacy and reading has familiarized him with the full range of technologies, tools, courseware and instructional strategies used to address reading issues. Unlike many of the educational franchises that have become popular, KEC does not market and implement a signature product. With more than 30 years in the field, KEC empowers students and adults to reach their goals with the most effective approaches drawn from evidence-based practices. Evidenced-based reading instruction means that there is reliable, trustworthy, and valid evidence to suggest that a program or intervention is expected to result in adequate gains in reading achievement. The instruction is based on scientific research and has been published in professional journals. Other terms that may be used are researched-based instruction and scientifically based research.

Recognizing the importance of bridging the gap between what occurs in the classroom and reading strategies being fostered by KEC, a child’s customized plan can be designed to include current schoolwork and regular communication with the school and others working with the child. Learn more about our tutoring services >

KEC is committed to helping adults struggling with reading and writing in the workforce and second-language learners overcome roadblocks to success through individualized tutoring services, assistive technology instruction, and consultations with working adults and/or their employers. Learn more about our tutoring services for adults and English as a second language (ESL) students >

KEC offers consulting and technical support to educational organizations and professionals with a focus on literacy assessment and instruction, literacy research, and literacy technology. Learn more about our literacy training program >

The KEC approach has proven effective with all types of reading and writing issues, including those influenced by dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, and ADD, and works well for disabled students and adults requiring adaptive technologies.

Literacy Training Program