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Research-based, individualized tutoring for students of all ages.

Tutoring Services for Students

Just as no two children act the same, KEC recognizes that no two children have the same learning disabilites in reading and writing. That is why we use a research-based, individualized approach to helping each child address his or her distinct needs, especially when they have been diagnosed with:

  • Learning disabilities in reading, including dyslexia
  • Learning disabilities in writing, including dysgraphia
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder, including Asperger's Syndrome
  • Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
Tutoring: The KEC Approach

Kruidenier Education Consulting (KEC) provides a wide range of educational approaches to address a wide range of reading and writing issues.

The KEC approach is:

  • Personalized and adaptable to each child’s needs
  • Extensive and includes a complete inventory of strategies
  • Results-driven and evidence-based
  • Flexible and can be readjusted as progress is assessed
The KEC Process
  1. Referral Form: You know your child best and that’s why we are interested in your perspective on your child’s reading challenges. By meeting with parent and child together and individually, KEC gains a more thorough understanding of your child's situation. You are encouraged to submit teacher and professional evaluations that add further insights.
  2. Assessment: The testing process is initiated to more fully understand the nature and causes of the reading or writing difficulty. KEC utilizes a full range of grade-level appropriate standardized tests. For reading, tests examine comprehension, vocabulary, oral vocabulary, reading fluency, word analysis, phonological awareness, and more. For writing, tests examine spelling, style, sentence construction, story and essay writing, editing, and revising.
  3. Program Customization and Tutoring: KEC develops a profile of your child’s strengths and weaknesses after performing a comprehensive evaluation. The information is evaluated to customize a program that employs evidence-based practices that build on your child’s strengths to effectively address his/her weaknesses. At your request, your child’s current schoolwork can be incorporated into the individualized plan. If you desire, you will receive a written report that is accurate and balanced and clearly identifies issues and areas that will be targeted in the program.
  4. Monitoring and Modifications: Because the KEC approach focuses on individualized plans, we monitor progress and make adjustments as necessary. KEC will work with schools and other appropriate parties to ensure your child’s success.
  5. Progress Evaluation: At the end of the agreed-upon instruction period, a post-assessment is performed to determine progress. At the conclusion of the program, KEC provides either a formal or informal report, which charts your child’s progress.
The KEC Process

KEC is committed to your child’s educational success every step of the way. We do this by providing the support, resources, and advocacy needed to ensure that your school-aged learner is matched with the most appropriate Individualized Education Plan within his or her school district. To arrive at that goal, KEC works closely with parents and students to help school district administrators understand your child’s individual needs through the following:

  • The preparation of evaluations and reports for parents and schools
  • Program planning, including attendance at IEP meetings
  • Assistive technology

KEC offers tutoring services from Horsham, Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding Bucks County and Philadelphia communities.

Bucks County Tutor
"KEC worked with my son, John, to better his reading fluency and reading skills. John loved the one-on-one attention that KEC gave to him during the lessons. John wants to be good at reading and never grumbled about his reading lessons. It’s emotionally rewarding to pay the price for an area where your child can exceed and excel. The services KEC provided are very helpful."

B. D., Ivyland, PA

"The lessons KEC gave to Tyler definitely improved his overall test scores and confidence. As a parent, I was impressed with the results."

J. S., Huntingdon Valley, PA

"Evaluations and tests concluded our son, Henry, had dyslexia. Dr. Kruidenier was able to explain dysgraphia to us in terms we could understand and provide us with the best course of action for our son going forward."

J. K., Blue Bell, PA

"Andrew was diagnosed with a writing disorder, but after taking spelling, typing and writing lessons with KEC, Andrew is happier, no longer afraid to fail at school and is able to sleep. Andrew feels successful. Thank you, Dr. K!"

B. P., Lower Gwynedd, PA