Kruidenier Education Consulting
Literary Services for organizations and individuals.

Literacy and literacy technology consultation and professional development.

Educational Services for Organizations and Professionals

Kruidenier Education Consulting offers consulting and technical support to educational organizations and professionals with a focus on literacy assessment and instruction, literacy research, and literacy technology.

Consultation in the areas of best practices in reading and writing assessment, literacy assessment and instruction, and literacy technology.

We provide expert consultations based on:

  • Researched-based approaches to reading and writing instruction that are most often effective for all students including those with learning differences.
  • Diagnostic-prescriptive approaches and research-based response-to-intervention (RTI).
  • Computer software and other assistive technologies as tools for greater productivity on reading and writing tasks, to compensate for reading and writing disabilities, and to improve basic reading and writing skills.
Professional development including presentations, workshops, and teacher training in research-based reading and writing instruction.

Our offerings include:

  • Principles for Researched-Based Literacy Instruction
  • Implementing Effective Approaches to Reading or Writing Instruction
  • Literacy Instruction for Individuals with Learning Disabilities
  • Response to Intervention at the Individual, Classroom, and School Levels
  • Effective Literacy Assessment
Literacy Training for Educational Organizations

Literacy Consulting for Educational Institutes